Written Reviews

"Working with Doctor Livingston and his team was a great experience. His ability to communicate in a thoughtful and logical manner was so refreshing and very reassuring. I felt like a person and not a number. He really helped me to understand the "Why" behind everything we did in our treatments. He expertly crafted a gameplan for us to follow and within a month I was feeling much better. I strongly recommend working with Dr. Livingston and his caring team of professionals."

- Scott L.

"Dr. Livingston and his staff are absolutely incredible! They are all a very compassionate knowledgeable hard working team that gel together to smoothly make each of their patients feel as comfortable as possible. One of the things I love best is the time they spend and how the doctor himself explains what’s happening with your body, why it is happening and how it can be corrected to get better! Can’t say enough about the special attention & service the JOINT REJUVENATION CENTER provides!"

- Debbie T.

"The staff at the Rejuvenation Center is excellent they make you feel comfortable. They are very organized. I would highly recommend them ."

- Joe A.

"I think it’s a great center. They’ve helped me tremendously and they are so welcoming!"

- Adrienne E.

"Amazing staff!! They always make you feel welcomed. They also do everything and anything to make sure you get better!!"

- Tia A.

"Wonderful experience. I had stem cell injections to avoid surgery in my knee and have never felt better. I would recommend this office to avoid knee replacement. I am so thankful!!!!!"

- Bonnie L.

"Amazing Dr. and staff!"

- Nicole T.

"Great staff, and wonderful doctors. You feel like family every time you walk in! I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else."

- Adam A.

"Physical therapy at Joint Rejuvenation Center helped me immensely. I would highly recommend!"

- Sarah L.

"Great Dr. you can trust! Fantastic family man!"

- Joseph D.

"Raves to the staff. In one week I am feeling so much better. Thanks for all your care and concern!!!"

- Fran M.


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