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Our team provides superb integrative care, with a personal touch and clinical excellence, in Delray Beach.


In our practice, you will discover contemporary physical medicine designed for your complete satisfaction.


Our team is here to answer all your questions. Contact us today to see how we can help you get your life back. 

Chiropractor Delray Beach FL

Welcome to Advanced Therapy Center of Delray Beach located in Delray Beach. If you suffer from chronic pain, call our physical medicine team today and find out how our Delray Beach Chiropractor can help.

Since 1996, our staff has been treating Delray Beach residents with healthy alternatives to non-effective treatments. We have enjoyed experiencing the looks on our patients’ faces when we are able to correct physical issues which they have been suffering with for many years.

Our clinic has grown since 1996 and as a result we have expanded our physical location several times. Currently we are located in West Delray Beach overlooking a beautiful lake where sailboats race weekly. We have been utilizing the latest and greatest technology which allows us to treat our patients both painlessly and effectively. These technologies include Summus Class4 Medical laser and SpineMED Computerized Spinal Decompression. Further, we have a full Physical Therapy suite adjacent to our Chiropractic and massage departments.

Chiropractor Delray Beach FL
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Advanced Therapy Center of Delray Beach

Do You Suffer From Chronic Pain?

The truth today is that the majority of chronic pain patients can be helped. The difficulty is finding a provider that you can turn to for help. A clinic that has multiple options available to fit the many different problems that exist. This problem effects people of all ages, but the greatest concentration is people between the ages of 30 and 50.

We offer services such as: Stem cell therapy for rejuvenation of arthritic and damaged joints, SpineMED® Computerized Spinal Decompression for degenerated discs, Physical Medicine and Physical Therapy for rehabilitation, Chiropractic for spinal health, Massage Therapy, Juice Plus® and Back and Neck braces.

Why Our Approach is Different

As a child, Dr. Livingston was interested in the function of structural items which has led him to research most if not all aspects of an item’s design. In fact, when he wasn’t dreaming of his future NASCAR career, he wanted to be an architect. This approach has been enjoyed by all his patients because he is not only interested in reducing pain and inflammation but also interested in correcting his patients’ structure and bodily functions which offers longer term fixes compared to just pain-relief.

Make today be the day that you change your life and your health. Schedule a free consultation today with our team so that we can get a better understanding of your needs. We will work with you one on one to help you overcome the pain you are experiencing.

Why do I need chiropractic care when I’m not in pain?

This is a great question because if you remember what our Moms and Dads used to say, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ Well, I hear that a lot until I touch the spine of a pain-free individual and find an unhealthy spinal segment waiting to cause pain down the road. You should see their faces when I push and they say, ‘OUCH, I didn’t know I had that, can you fix it?’ LOL.

Services We Offer

  • Physical Therapy

    For stretching and strengthening.

  • Chiropractic

    For restoring normal function to the spine which in turn will reduce pain.

  • Class 4 Laser

    To reduce inflammation, this therapy has not only reduced symptoms correlated to neuropathy in our patients but also helps to restore joint function.

  • Computerized Spinal Decompression

    SpineMED Computerized Spinal Decompression uses complex technology to safely restore the natural space between vertebra which are pressing spinal nerves. It has helped countless patients who suffer from neck and back pain, sciatic, neuropathy and extremity pain.

  • Massage therapy

    Our patients ALWAYS leave our massage room with a BIG smile.

  • Ultrasound

    Ultrasound helps to restore normal function to an injured body part and it feels great!

  • Stretching

    Daily, you will daily hear Dr. Livingston talk about stretching and its ENORMOUS benefits. He will often send a stretching routine to his patients’ phones and modify as his patients progress with their care.

  • Lifestyle modifications

    Dr. Livingston and his staff realize that most conditions can be avoided with a tweak or two to a patient’s habits. For example, Dr. Livingston will routinely ask patients to bring their pillow to the office and to review proper sleeping habits. The result of which is longer lasting than receiving a pill, potion, or lotion.


Dr. Livingston here and I can tell you that with 100% confidence that the Chiropractic approach is HIGHLY beneficial for MANY physical conditions. I cannot with 100% confidence say that it will benefit YOU and your condition but I will meet with you, ask a ton of questions and then perform an exam. When our meeting is near its end, I will review your diagnostics (MRI, XRAY, etc.) or refer for same if necessary. I can then recommend my care or the care of one of my long-affiliated health associates.


Conditions We Can Help

Narrowing of either the spinal canal or the holes where the nerves exit the spinal cord, or both.

Typically a numbing/tingling sensation in one of more extremity and Caused mostly by spinal stenosis or Diabetes.

Typically this can be caused by herniated/degenerative spinal discs or muscle spasms.

This condition is typically fixed with stretching, massage, Chiropractic and lifestyle improvements. If severe, Computerized Spinal Decompression works well.

Neck pain responds to some of the same for lower back pain.

We use Physical Therapy to treat weakness.

A Bursa is a fluid filled sack which allows muscles and tendons to glide over each other and will inflame when under physical stress. We typically see Bursitis in Tennis, pickleball and golf players and all respond very well to physical therapy and Class 4 laser.

Arthritis is a very general term which has many sub-categories. The two major being overuse and auto-immune types. We treat both with great success.

A tendon is a very strong tissue which attaches muscles to bone and can be inflamed when under either repeated stress or a quick stressful movement.


Are you tired of feeling the way you’re feeling? At Advanced Therapy Center of Delray Beach, our mission is to improve the lives of our patients by combining endless passion, commitment, and proven science.

We look forward to meeting you.